Q1/2 (EN)


  1. (First semester) Challenges of the modern world

  2. (Second semester) Ethnic and cultural diversity in the US

  3. (Third semester) American Dreams - hopes and expectations

  4. (Fourth semester) Chances and risks of a globalized world


  • Analyze either one cartoon from the Trump list or from the book page 43 (→ 05.02.2021)

  • Finish the weekly plan (→ 05.02.2021)



  • FOCUS:

    1. Skills: writing

    2. Topics: a) The making of a nation, b) Immigration and first settlers, c) 9/11, d) War of Independence, e) The American Dream, f) Cartoons and speeches

    3. Text types: cartoon analysis

  • DATE: 16.02.2021 (ONLY P5 and P0); "Vorabi exam" for P4 is on 15.02.2021